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The site welcomes the future drivers with large range of information regarding signing up, the exam and services. We try to get as close as possible to those eager to learn how to drive and offer an easily accessible and useful site at the same time.
In the present “DOMA Drive” driving school organizes theoretical and practical courses for obtaining driving license AM,A1,A2,A,B,B+E,C,C+E, D category as well as certificate for moped. The theoretical and practical courses are held in Romanian as well as in Hungarian languages. If requested the school can offer courses in English language no supplementary costs.
The students have the opportunity to choose their instructor and the car belonging to the school or instructors that work independently for the school but are in close relation and collaboration and bound to a contract.
The Headquarter of the school sets in Saint George, Newspaper Street, Number 4.
Our professionalism can be easily remarked by the achieved results we have obtained in preparing our future drivers, with a percentage that sets us among the top driving schools in the county Covasna . The excellent conditions, professionalism and our personnel’s in this field, makes it possible not only to remain and outstand among the top driving schools but also the quality of our services, up to date didactic materials and a well prepared, motivated and student centered personnel as well.
Our lecturer room is equipped with computers set up with road legislation software accredited by the competent authorities, which are used at courses as well as at exercises.
“DOMA Drive” driving school gives you the opportunity to benefit from the best services rendered, besides a well qualified team specialized in your needs. We lay a large range of services made in order to pursue you about our quality and professionalism. Our team will be thrilled to answer any of your questions regarding driving. We offer you a pleasant experience as well as a safe one, to be able to cope with any difficulties in the traffic jam.
We offer services to all categories of people:

  1. For those who meet driving for the first time.
  2. For those who obtained driving license many years ago and wish to freshen up their knowledge so as to assure safety in the jam.
  3. For those who are already taking courses for a driving license, however consider themselves unprepared (supplementary legislation hours and practice).